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An evaluation of the impact of OLT’s course in ADHD on teacher practice and pupil outcomes - 19th Oct 2023

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Missed out on this year's Global ADHD Conference?

Don't worry! OLT is proud to bring you an exclusive presentation from one of the key 2023 Global ADHD conference speakers: Melanie Porter, Associate Professor at Macquarie University.

Bridging the gap in professional development

In partnership with OLT and ADHD Australia, Melanie's presentation shines a light on the critical need for professional development in ADHD education and offers a preliminary evaluation of the impact of OLT's ‘Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ course on professional teaching practice, knowledge and confidence.

An evaluation that matters

Read the presentation below now and explore how OLT's 'Understanding ADHD' course can transform your teaching approach and help improve learning outcomes for students with ADHD.

View Melanie's presentation now!

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