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OLT launching 'Attachment and Trauma' course

OLT launching 'Attachment and Trauma' courseWe are excited to announce that our new course, Attachment and Trauma, is now available. Many schools in the UK have children who may have difficul... read more

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Attachment and Trauma: Five things everyone should know

attachment and trauma main image

Here we look at how attachment and trauma difficulties can present themselves, how they impact children and why it is important for teachers to ensure they can fully support the needs of their pupils: 1) There are many causes of attachment and trauma difficulties Attachment and trauma is often associated with neglect, but children more often suffer the affects from a variety of situations including bereavement, exposure to divorce, a move, or being bullied. 2) Ther... read more

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  • Christopher Woodward - 'Social Dynamics and Aspergers Syndrome'
  • Cochlear Implanted Children’s Support Group website
  • Activities to help develop social skills in children with vision impairment
  • Kitchen curriculum for children with vision impairment
  • Teaching tips

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