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SEND Expert Webinars – On Demand

A detailed briefing in a short-course webinar format

Our SEND expert webinars are delivered in partnership with experts and provide CPD/training in a short-course webinar format. We understand that education professionals are busy people, so our expert webinar courses are typically five hours or less!

Each session includes:

  • Live or on demand recordings
  • Downloadable presentation slides
  • Downloadable Speaker’s bio
  • Access to ‘Questions & Answers’ from live session
  • Join the webinar forum to continue learning!


To cover the cost of partnering with a leading expert, our SEND Expert webinars are charged separately to our annual memberships. Check the webinar listing for more details.

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"Can't learn, won't learn, don't care!"

This 3-part CPD certified webinar series provides a deeper understanding of the traits associated with persistent disruptive behaviour as well as strategies for transforming challenging behaviour into positive teacher-student relationships

19 Oct 2020


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