Learning Disability Week

19th – 26th June 2023

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Learning Disability Week 2023!

Did you know that around 351,000 children are estimated to have a learning disability in the UK?

Here at OLT we believe that every child deserves the support they need to go on and lead successful, fulfilling lives so join us this month as we shine a light on learning disability week 2023.

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Top five inclusive children's books

Get inspired with our top 5 literary picks for children. Featuring unusual protagonists, superheroes and children with disabilities, these characters will help children foster a love of reading!

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Autism: CPD certified course

Autism is not a learning disability, but around half of autistic people may also have a learning disability. Our course will help you distinguish autism from other difficulties and show you how to adapt classroom practice and introduce supportive strategies accordingly.

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How to understand and support behaviour

Managing behaviour is a challenge for all staff in schools. All children have a right to education so learning how to understand the causes of challenging behaviour will enable you to modulate triggers and cultivate positive behaviours and self-regulation skills.

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Our 3-part certified CPD webinar series provides a deeper understanding of the traits associated with persistent disruptive behaviour as well as strategies for transforming challenging behaviour into a positive teacher-student relationship.

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