Improving learner outcomes

Hearing Impairment (Further Education) course

In many classrooms there are learners who:

  • have difficulty hearing other people clearly, and misunderstand what they say
  • have to ask people to repeat themselves
  • become tired or stressed because of how hard they have to concentrate on what other people are saying
  • feel isolated because they are unable to contribute to classroom discussions

For learners with hearing loss there is often a wide variation in both the degree and type of hearing loss they experience. Learners with hearing loss may also have difficulties with their language and literacy skills.

This course looks at the impact hearing impairment can have on a learner’s life. It shows how you can make your classroom and practice more inclusive for these learners and offers practical assessment ideas and intervention strategies.

The course is CPD certified for 20 hours of learning.

On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how the ear works and define the different causes of hearing loss
  • Describe the impact that hearing loss has on learning and social inclusion
  • Explain the range of communication modes used by students with a hearing loss
  • Identify different amplification devices, including additional listening devices, and describe how environmental adaptions can enhance hearing
  • Use checklists to carry out observations of a student’s functional hearing
  • Set SMART goals for improving learner outcomes
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with deaf students
  • Contribute towards planning interventions that take into account a student’s individual development profile and needs
  • Plan successful transition programmes to ensure smooth transition to higher education or work
  • Employ strategies to support communication, access to the curriculum, social inclusion and increase independent learning skills

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