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Circles for Learning

Circles for Learning courses are hosted by OLT for Alison Waterhouse. To enrol on one of the courses please contact Alison using the form below – you cannot purchase a place through the OLT website.

About Circles for Learning

Circles for Learning is a series of courses covering five key areas that act as foundations for positive mental health and wellbeing:

  • Chapter 1: Attachment
  • Chapter 2: Relationships and their impact on the brain
  • Chapter 3: Attachment and its implications for schools
  • Chapter 4: Social skills
  • Chapter 5: Empathy
  • Chapter 6: Restorative justice
  • Chapter 1: Neuroscience and the development of the brain
  • Chapter 2: The learning relationship
  • Chapter 3: Educational neuroscience
  • Chapter 4: The Stress Response
  • Chapter 5: Adverse childhood experiences
  • Chapter 6: Trauma informed schools
  • Chapter 7: The role of attachment in understanding trauma
  • Chapter 8: Triggers in the classroom
  • Chapter 9: The trauma sensitive school approach
  • Chapter 1: Emotions
  • Chapter 2: What do we mean by emotional literacy?
  • Chapter 3: The school as a living organism
  • Chapter 4: How schools have supported social and emotional learning
  • Chapter 5: Emotional Competencies
  • Chapter 6: What does the research tell us?
  • Chapter 7: Emotional self-regulation
  • Chapter 8: An emotionally literate practitioner
  • Chapter 9: Emotional barriers to learning
  • Chapter 10: Emotional coaching
  • Chapter 11: A whole school approach to emotional literacy
  • Chapter 1: Self-concept, including self-esteem
  • Chapter 2: Self-awareness
  • Chapter 3: Self-regulation
  • Chapter 4: Resilience
  • Chapter 5: Self-efficacy
  • Chapter 6: Understanding of Self and its impact on MHWB
  • Chapter 7: Supporting positive self-development within schools
  • Chapter 1: Metacognition
  • Chapter 2: Learning dimensions
  • Chapter 3: Cognitive strategies, including problem solving
  • Chapter 4: The classroom environment
  • Chapter 5: Wellbeing and the curriculum

The courses are designed for teachers, teaching assistants, higher level teaching assistants, emotional literacy support assistants, learning mentors, wellbeing champions or other professionals working with children and young people (CYP).

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Each course is divided into chapters that have been shown to have a positive effect on the wellbeing of CYP within the education system. These can be undertaken separately to support a specific CPD need, or they can be studied as a complete package.

If practitioners wish to deliver the Circles for Learning Project within their schools, all five courses need to be completed. They can then work with a trained Circles for Learning Coach who will support and mentor them to deliver the project to their class or group for the first year.

Circles for Learning is a research driven project that develops strong foundations for positive MHWB in the classroom. It has been shown to have a positive impact on relationships, emotional literacy, skills and attitudes for learning, self-esteem and resilience.

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